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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Summative: Daily Journal

April 27, 29: Brainstorming. Selected Alice In Wonderland as story to focus project on. Pondering how to incorporate characters into the picture plane. Decided on definately including a cheshire cat, perhaps in the sky, or posing on a tree, drinking tea...

May 3, 5, 6, 7: Misread handouts...I wanted to now incorporate the human figure into the picture, so i completed about 6 sketches of potential pictures that I wanted to do, based on the Hatter, the Cat, and the Dormouse. None seemed too nice, until I finished my last picture with the Caterpillar, Cat, and the Hatter. The background is filled with the growth stimulating mushrooms. I have begun painting, sketching my paper prototype onto the wooden frame. I have decided to use acrylic, where I used a wet on wet type of style, where I covered the "to-be painted" areas with water, then paint. I finished the top of the background, with a little left for the ground. The ground and sky are complete, but can use a touch up. The stem of mushrooms and the top are all painted in, however I changed the colour of the mushrooms (top and bottom) at least twice due to experimentation.

May 11: Continuing on my painting using no pictures for reference. I created the giant mushrooms that grew in Wonderland and painted in the characters - the caterpillar, cat, and hatter. The caterpillar and cat are done, but the hatter (the most difficult) has yet to be finished. I also touched up on the foreground and background making the sky brighter to contrast the foreground better.
May 12: Today, I finished the painting. I added a bit of sun to the background, and a misty white to greater contrast the ground. I also completed the painting of the hatter and touched up the caterpillar and cat. For the hatter, a hat was done and the leg, face, and jacket were touched up as well. For the small sign on the hat 10/8, I initially tried to carve it in, but it was nearly invisible, so I later used a marker to write the small type. I added a small batch of mushrooms in the corner and added some shadow onto the large mushrooms.
May 13: I had a shorter work period today, but I was able to fix some of the things on my piece. I had aimed o try and improve the 3D aspect of it, adding to the painting more shade, light, and shape to certain aspects of my work. My biggest accomplishment was the addition of a light green grass that grows at the front, making the front much lighter, and gradually darkening into the back. The mushroom stems now have a darker side and lighter side, but I still have to make a change on the top of the mushroom.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010