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Monday, March 22, 2010

Interior Design

Research: This profession is the combinaton of creative and technical solutions that are used to create an enclosed structure.
- This follows a methodical process involving research, analysis, and integration of previous knowledge to meet the needs of the client
-Requires a broad qualifications, but must demonstrate competency when working
- Different specializations of Interior Design include: Bathroom and Kitchen, design for the aged, universal design, multi-family housing, and commercial design.
-Goal: Improve the psychological and physiological state of the client
- The median income for interior designers is about $50 000
- Interior Style ideology is to make a room feel complete and full
- This is often a relatively stressful occupation, as designers must meet contract deadlines, and budget requirements
This also includes plenty of travelling, and will involve a supervisor constantly watching you
-However in more recent years, it is easier to communicate with the client virtually and of course through cell phones, or email. Virtual designs help make the stress of the job easier, as it used to be drawn out and presented to the supervisor and client for approval

- In Canada, there is an Art Institute in Vancouver, and in San Francisco, there is an Academy of the Arts. They both provide general details about the interior design major. It would most likely be a 6 year program. The price is not specified.

Storyboard: The Adventures of a Towel
Here is the story of a towel. This towel's name was towelie. Towelie designed the insides of buildings wondiferously - especially rooms that held towels..
Towelie lived in a very rural area in Colorado where he was the only civilized towel for miles. This was in a small log house which he was building for himself where he designed every single room. An interior designer at heart, it served as a hobby he could not part. He had built the house but had one room that was unfinished - the bathroom. He drew it, he planned it, he built it, but a large pipe had exploded and water shot everywhere - making him spend hours trying to fix it. Eventually Towelie did, and he was able to finish the washroom. His house was finished! He could now relax. He went to his pool which he had also made, and went towel tanning on a chair. He burnt up and turned red as he slept for hours outside in the hot sun.

Nearby, a starving bear opened the door of his small cottage and tore through the house eating everything! It tore down decorations and fancy designs until it tore into the kitchen and ate all the food lying around! Then it tore into the bathroom and drank all its water and wiped its mouth with all the towels in the house!

Towelie had woken up, burnt after a few hours in the sun and then went back in. He was shocked. He was towelified. The scene that lay before him was all too frightening to look at. Towelie cried and cried. All of his beautiful work was tarnished into pieces. With tears dripping down his face, he called his mother - Mother Towel who consoled him and promised to send him a Thinking Hat to help him think of a solution.
A day later, a large hat arrived - a Thinking Hat in fact. Towelie put the coveted hat on and felt visions scream into his head where all of a sudden, he knew what to do.
He started to clean up the mess, and after that he started to draw up some new plans and designs for his house! It would be even better - more functional and pretty than before the disaster occured. Towelie drew up the plans, got new materials and started to rebuild his destroyed home. He spent a complete week to finish, and it looked amazing. New couches, curtains, colours, and chairs; new shapes, sizes, and sitting areas!

When he finished, Towelie went to the poolside - this time knowing that he had done an excellent job fixing his house.

And just then, a bear walked into the house.